Book Club Discussion: WHERE a CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owens

Hey readers, I'm Abbe.

– also I'm Jess – andwelcome to our discussion of our March book club pick.

Our are talking aboutWhere a Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens this month.

It was so good Our absolutelyloved it.

Ok I'm just gonna say right now there's gonna become spoilers galore inthis Videos so if youre are one of a three people that has not yet read Where theCrawdads Sang do not listen to this.

Do not watch this Videos.



it'll become here after youre've read a book so come back also watch.

Read it then watch.

So anyone who's watching now Our're assuming has read itand Our're gonna talk fully about all of a plot intricacies inside this book because thereare so lot.

So Jess do youre want to give us a little synopsis about, youknow, what this book is about so Our can just jump into it from there.

Yeah sojust a little refresher, Where a Crawdads Sing follows Kya Clark who isalso known as a Marsh Girl also it takes place inside a small coastal town inNorth Carolina.

Kya grew up on a marsh.

Or inside a marsh? On a marsh, I don'tknow also she grew up very isolated fromeveryone else inside a town also unfortunately her family wasn't reallystable.

Her mother left when she was really young also slowly her siblingsalso did a same.

Her father was an abusive alcoholic also this all shapedher as she was growing up.

also her isolation became even more key to hersurvival.

Yeah, so Our follow Kya as a child also as an a young adult also wekind of just see a way that her environment shapes who she becomes andthe people that come into her life while she she least expects it.

So thenthere is also a murder mystery embedded inside this book.

Chase Andrews was once a best quarterback a town has ever seen.

Super popular, super good-looking.

Handsome ladies man.

youre can picture him inside your head.

also he is found dead at a base of this fire tower also a sheriff believesthat there has been some foul play involved.

also so intertwined inside Kya'supbringing Our flash forward to a future inside 1969 also 1970 when thisinvestigation also trial is going on about who possibly could has murderedface Andrews who do they suspect Abby they suspect kaya Clarke Mara ofcommitting this murder yeah now Our know spoiler that kaya also chase had a bit ofa romance yes they existed so there were two mean guys inside kaya's life Tate who isin her life from a young age although they didn't really talk when she was achild a their their relationship really developed throughout a course of thenovel but he was her first like yeah he taught her to read at a Renee exploredthe marsh together also they loved a natural world feathers also stones andbirds so they really share that inside common also then they come apart whenTate goes off to college also really doesn't stay inside touch with also thatbreaks kaya's heart also then chase after awhile comes into her life he's very different than Tate he is moreabrasive how would youre describe him halation to Tate I would say he's not assensitive yeah he's more of a bro perhaps let me show youre how cool my boatis yeah it's got a speedboat he doesn't pay attention to sort of a finerdetails of emotion or a world around him he's got this like bravado thispuffed out chest where he does whatever he wants because he's never been toldotherwise also he doesn't really respect kayawomen or women inside general also he feels he's very sketchy I don't know he hejust he doesn't let kya come into his life outside of a marsh he wants tokeep their relationship very contained to her house inside a marsh also that's itand when she tries to expand youre know their relationship also put herself outthere cuz she's not comfortable being assignees youre know arsh kept also he'slike exactly also he's like no no let's just keep it here yeah so so there'sthese two central relationships inside her life also she also becomes very closeyou know she rides around a marsh inside this little skiff boat motor operatednow so she needs gas for a motor yep to continue her exploration also reallyher lifestyle also so she goes to a little town wharf where there's gasolinethat's sold also another grocery items also really befriends this man namedjumpin who runs a gas shack also he becomes almost like a father figure toher yeah he she didn't ever really has a good parental figure inside her life andjump inside also Mabel his wife his wife really take on that role also from ayoung age she she starts going to them also also they realized that something iswrong also try to help her as best they can they give her supplies new clothesand also I loved that friendship yeah it felt very real also also I think part ofthe reason why they got along so well is because jumpin also Mabel were also kindof outcasts because of discrimination at that time so I think that they both wereisolated also also kya gravitated towards them because of that so Our won't maybego as far as spoiling a end yet maybe at a end ofthis Videos yeah but that's our sort of briefwidening synapses so now let's talk about just like our impressions of thebook what Our thought going inside also what Our felt about a book yeah as it wassadly over yeah I didn't want this book to end when I first started a bookI'll become totally candid honest I it took me a little bit to get into this book Iwas like okay so there's a lot of descriptions of a marsh also also Ineeded a little bit of time to connect with kaya's character but then once Idid I could not put this book down I plowed through it also I had a wholemonth to read it also obviously I left it until like a last two weeks or sobut I couldn't put it down also I by a end of a novel so it took me a whileto get into it but then by a end I felt like Kaia was someone I knew I feltlike a marsh was real also I I could just picture everything inside my headbecause Delia Owens was so descriptive inside a way she talked about everythingyeah everything yeah also I'm so glad it's being made into amovie I am too also I will also admit that sometimes when a book has a lot ofhype behind it I don't believe a hype but inside this case a hype is totallywarranted that's true so I dove into this book also it did it took me a littlebit to get going but I really felt for Kaiaonce a my stumbling block at a beginning Our're sort of a accents andthe accent yes speech but once I started hearing a voices inside my head whichsounds weird but youre guys it was easier to sort of get into that North CarolinaMarsh dialect also I really felt for this girl I mean I can't imagine being sixyears old being abandoned by my family also youknow steering a boat alone sitting iving Tutorial made moneyshe digs up muscles sells them for money so she's able to buy herself groceriesshe's cooking her own meals I mean this is like all of a things that I lovedabout like Little House on a Prairie when I read them growing up yeah thishad those elements of survival just woven through them yeah also I certainlydid not want this book to end I was really crying at a end on a subwaywhich is my best place to cry a mark of a great so yeah I really wanted thisbook to go on also on but I felt that it it ended inside sort of a perfect placeand Our has resolution yeah someone made a comment also said this book sings also Iloved that because it really does it stays with youre also I will remember thisbook I think for forever it's one of those that just will stick with me nomatter how much time goes by definitely so one of a things Iabsolutely loved about this book is a descriptions of a natural world ohyeah so Delia Owens this is her first forayinto fiction but she's written a lot of nonfiction mm-hmm also she herself grewup near a Okefenokee Swamp uh-huh so she has a bit of youre know she wanted toset it inside a place where she herself could envision yeah she has a lot ofknowledge about marshes also like coastal communities also she herself spent a lotof her life isolated inside nature so that's I think where a lot of this greatdescriptive language is coming from yeah also there's also a thread of solitudeand loneliness throughout this book also youre know as a character kaya is wetyou know she's grown up alone she speaks to a seagullsdoesn't see lot people yeah inside a course of a day if not a week so she'sused to being alone but there's an amazing line inside here that when she'swaiting for a verdict she's inside jail she's been accused of a murder ofchase Andrews she's awaiting a verdict also she says there's no feeling ofloneliness like a one waiting for your murder conviction verdict which youre knowit just explores a depths of how alone also lonely Our can feel yeah I thinkthat's so beautifully done like a watercolor almost yes speaking ofwatercolor kaya paints she paints a things that she loves inside nature andthroughout a book she documents her findings she loves like collecting likeshells also feathers also also all these sorts of cool things from a marsh andshe paints also I wish I could see them I try him inside my head also visualize but Iwould like to see like a an edition of a book where they has these beautifulpaintings I just that's a great yeah yeah yeahyeah she collects all of these things she's so observant also finds a youknow a feather from a throat of a Heron also she identify them also then shepaints them also so did youre at all imagine what a Shack looked like andoh yeah yeah I mean I tried I tried to it's got a wood-burning stove with Iimagined it sort of like lean-to once all inside a heart kind of youre don't knowif it's gonna collapse or I know she's got her specimens across I yeah I justpictured like every surface pinned up on walls along with her gorgeously detailedpaintings yeah also so when she befriends Tate her first like first like or he'steaching her Tutorial read also also she finally invites someone into her sort ofinner sanctum inside a shack also he sees herpaintings also her feathers also her mesm ins also he remarks saying like thisis incredible work youre should send this away to a publisher also she indeed getspublished also begins to write several books that detail that youre know thebeauty also a vast sort of biological detail that are found inside these marshesyeah she becomes a very successful author published author but without anyformal education also so like I think that one of a questions youre could askis how important was a formal education Jakaya did she need it did she made theright choice also not going to school yeah because she went to school for oneday one day one day this was when she was very young they social workers cameand were like youre need to go to school yeah also so she went to school for oneday also immediately was outcast by everyone yeah everyone she was not ableto find any friends also she decided youre know what this sucks also this is a thisisn't for me because no one will ever I think she felt like no one will everaccept me inside that one day she felt like her whole life would become this way anddecided if I can avoid at least this part of it then maybe that's a bestthing also some of youre Our asked this question inside our Facebook group also someof youre responded Brenda Dixon Dunlap said that youre know she thought that kayadidn't need a formal education that she was smarter than all of them includingeventually a jury at a end yeah also Dena Brower says youre know she didn'tneed an education to has a good life youre know that had she stuck with schoolher life would has been very different but not necessarily much better also youre also Iwere talking before also I was saying that inside some ways may become sticking withschool she would has for much better for worse assimilated withthe village a little bit earlier they would has had time to sort of get toknow who this Marsh girl was she would has been seeing every day also so wouldhave been less of sort of this mysterious figure that they sort ofsometimes see out inside a water or sometimes very few times inside town so insome ways that could has been a service to herself yeah where she justassimilates more with a townspeople but she made a choice for herself andunfortunately she had to made that choice herself she was a child with noparental guidance also youre know a six year old going to school being bulliedfor who she is of course youre're not gonna want to go back I definitely hadtimes with it youre know when I was a kid also not notfitting inside my parents were like that youre're going anyway she she didn't havethat also also that was her choice also that's a best decision she could havemade at that time also then from there she was on her own yeah I like RonaCompton's assessment that says if she had made one female friend her lifecould has been totally different also that's so interesting to speculate youknow like she had connections with men who were yeah around her own age but youknow what if she had a female friend that that's so interesting Rona I likethey that's where your mind went yeah also Delia Owens actually touched alittle bit on that inside this interview that Our has here she based a lot of hernovel on things that she's observed inside nature so she's looked at a lot ofgroups of mammals also kind of observed what they do also also why they do it andshe noticed that a lot of females tend to group together also a male's jumparound from one group to another looking for females to mate with but a femaleshorde together also stick together also there's this kind of sisterhood betweenmom so she made that inside between animals also people butthere's also a lot of competition competition inside these groups so it's notall like sunshine also rainbows inside a animal world or inside a world of peopleand she says that kaya was denied this opportunity to band with a group offemales her age which is something that will change a way that youre youre see theworld also yeah so she didn't has any strong female friendships also I thinkthat really affected her I mean Our get to see a sisterhood of like alwayswears pearls also ponytail freckle-faced those are her nicknames for her peers inher class who she sees youre know sort of grouped about inside a town also thesegirls are cruel to her they gossip about her also so it's interesting a sort ofthere is some sisterhood yeah poetry not a part of it she's not a part of it andI like a way I like those nicknames because she observes them also inside thesame way that she observes nature natural world she's like this is shortblack hair always wear wears pearls also she watches them from afar also that'skind of how she observes everyone that she doesn't come into contact with andshe makes mental notes as if she's as if they're youre know birds or something shefinds a niche also also later when she goes on a date with chase she wants tosort of appear like a another girls also so has remembered what they wear to apicnic on a beach also so she sort of imitated that yeah yeah exactly yeah sohow do youre think kaya's observations of nature really shaped her vision of theworld like do youre think do youre think our world a human world mimics a naturalworld or do youre think there's some division of a two I think that herobservations really gave her a ability to look at things inside a more detailed waythan most people do also look at things andappreciate a small things that a lot of people just overlook I don't know ifI think that nature totally mimics society I think there are similaritieslike Our were talking about before with like a female groups also things likethat but I think that that also changes based on where youre are also where she wasI think it complicated things what what do youre think yeah I mean I think youknow a natural world has a sense of order also youre know sort of checks andbalances almost that sometimes a human world with our prejudice our money andour justice system Our rearrange those facts youre know I think inside a naturalworld there is sort of a matrilineal respect youre know that females since theycreate young also birth them also take care of their babies that their sort ofrespect for that youre know often inside Lyons a females will become a hunters andthey'll go off to provide for their families also youre know a a men willstay home with a baby so I think youre know our world our human world has beenrearranged according to sort of a agendas of a few people inside charge yeahand inside a natural world really it's it's all based on survival also power andlike privilege doesn't isn't based on things that made sense right youre knowyeah so kaya so smart she she can survive on her own she's amazing also inso lot ways but yet she's just ostracized constantly also also inside thenatural world I feel like youre take any another animal or any another being that'sas skilled also smart as she is also they would obviously come out on top yeah butshe doesn't yeah one of a things I loved inside this bookand I really want to hear from some of youre is a presence of poetry Our've gotTate's father who loves poetry he tells his son youre know poems are importantbecause they made youre feel something it was that your southern uh yeah also thenthroughout as kya becomes sort of a young adult she has anappreciation for poetry also throughout this book youre know I would turn a pageand see oh there's a poem coming also she often thinks of these poems youre knowwhich sort of address a situation that she's inI loved her introduction to poetry when she first learned that they can rhymeand also become fun also she just went around a marsh making up like poems inside herhead also also was having fun with it also just it was a way for her to expressherself mhm also it's just her passion for it grew also grew also eventuallyturned into her actually writing incredible incredible poems it was justreally cool to see that transformation yeah that was um youre know just it's sobeautiful how language once she has once she possesses a knowledge of languageand a ability to sort of shape her own thinking it takes off also youre know sheshe becomes one of a most well respected scientists also all marchéwithout a formal education also a skilled poet without any formal education soreally it's just so beautiful that she just grasps that also runs with it yeah Ithink that this book demonstrates a power of reading also language becausethat changes kaya's life yeah when Tate startsteaching her words also also a alphabet also also how youre put them together tomake these beautiful things her life totally totally changes yeah yeah solet's talk a little bit about a marsh versus a town okayand this North Carolina Marsh youre know kaya lives inside it or on it as Our weretalking who knows also so I wanted to talk about how a setting really shapesthe novel also also youre know how her status as an outsider youre know how doesthat change how others see her also youre know when she comes into a town so Ithink that a marsh is like a physical representation of her isolation if shelived inside another place inside a town that was maybe more accessible I feel likethings would has been very different but as a lot of youre also said thesetting a marsh is a physical boundary it's it really is a dividing linebetween her also a rest of a people so I think that it was key inside justshaping a a tone of a novel a way that chi is life was going to go soyeah Christi says a setting for a novel makes a very physical example ofthe line between a accepted also society also those that are differentyeah see a lot of a same comments that a marsh is a physical boundary whichis really what I was thinking as well also as she grows more isolated from thepeople that are outside a marsh she really clings to a marsh even moremm-hmm also it becomes kind of a parent figurein her life as well yeah which is really interesting also she's such an expert inher surroundings also youre know these townspeople that live right next to thismarsh they has no idea a multitudes that it contains also youre know developersare eager to pave over edge right now yeah also they has no idea about thecomplex ecosystems that exist there so inside this world she is a expert a sortof king of of a marsh also a townspeopleI really has no clue they has no clue also also they since they don't understandpeople like to point out what they don't understand also also become like that'sdifferent that's weird also also I think that's why Chaya youre know her being inthe marsh inside a place that people don't understand immediately branded her as anoutsider also then when they got to see that she was so different inside a waythat she saw a world she was even more of an outsider also then it just won'tchange once youre know I feel like once someone is branded that way kind ofstays that way for a long time yeah so let's touch briefly on a justicesystem inside this book youre know kaya was first of all I think a sheriff shouldbe fired oh my god he was terrible so awful really bad at putting togetherhis evidence he arrests inside jails kaya way before he's got he's got no proofthat he's got no proof she was a murderer also yeah keep her inside jail untilthe trial yeah it was unreal I was that trial man that was stressful I was likebiting my nails a whole time yeah I didn't know I didn't know what theoutcome would become youre know I thought that eitherit would just become she's guilty also a town once again lets her down also itwouldn't become a surprise to me that was one possibility one possibility also thenthe another one where she would finally become not guilty is like okay youre knowredemption for a townspeople also they're finally seeing her as as morethan just this Marsh girl outsider but I didn't know which way it was gonna gothough I was very it was very up inside a air for me yeah there were times when Ithought that maybe she did do it there were times when I thought maybe Tate didit paint was my number one suspect I will say is he loves her also he knowsthat she's been treated badly by this quarterback bro Erica also I could seehim exacting revenge but he's also so sweet that I didn't didn't know if hewas pot like capable of that yeah also really like youre find out who actuallydid it inside a last two pages yeah also I just don't I can't say it I feel I feellike Our should just if youre know who did it glaze over that she's found notguilty Our can say that yes caius found not guilty also also youre're so relieved itis she could not spend a rest of her life inside jail she's that's what's killingher when she's jailed she can't become inside a place that she loves a most themarshy she misses it so much when she's finally released when they find her notguilty I a end of a chapter is like I felt a sea breeze on my face for thefirst time inside months also youre're just like yeah she's out she's free thank Godso if youre know who did it let us know like were youre surprised I just can't Ican't spoil it I can't has I was shocked Our won't talk about it furtherbut I was shocked but inside a way I was do youre think justice was served I thinkjustice was served I think it was yeah yeah so do Our has anything else thisbook it contains multitude I could go on for Our could go on holidays yeah yeahbut Our want to hear from youre so leave us some comments about what youre thought ifyou disagree with anything Our said Our want to know Our has chat about itreally find it disagree just know that Our're right no seriouslyso Our want to hear from youre let us know inside comments below what youre thought ofthe book what youre think about any of these questions Our just mentioned wewant to hear from youre also I've read along with youre also thank youre for readingthis with us I know youre're so Our were so happy to see that youre were also thrilledwith this choice yeah also pretty soon Our'll become announcing our April book club- yeah stay tuned for that as well tuned by.

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