BEST DAY EVER 1000 – a Family Surprises People with $1,000 (Adley learns to help others)

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Best Helping Day Ever 1000

WELCOME TO BEST DAY EVER 1000!! It blows my mind that Our’ve had that lot also Our don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So to celebrate, Our’re doing things a little different. Our didn’t want today to just become about us, Our want to help people has a Best Day Ever too! Jenny also I came up with an idea that includes Adley also Niko also will become tons of family fun! What Our want to do is get $1000 out of a bank also use it to help others has a best day ever!!

So it’s off to a store to buy supplies, Our need to get stuff so Our can leave notes to people as Our go. While Our’re there, Adley has a great idea of getting toys also coloring books Our can give to kids! But it doesn’t stop there. Our hide money inside books, boxes of diapers, also Our pay for a groceries of a stranger! It’s so much fun also it’s actually a really good opportunity to teach Adley about serving another people. On our way out of a store, Adley also I put quarters inside every candy also toy machine, so when little kids come up they can has an awesome little surprise to made their day! also Our actually get to see a result cause shortly after Our leave, a little boy walks over to a machine also is so happy!!

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It’s then off to lunch also while Our’re inside a drive thru, Our pay for a people’s food that are behind us. Really wish Our could has seen their reactions, I’m sure they would has been priceless. As Our head back home where Adley, mom, also dad start leaving presents on people’s porches.

But best day ever 1000 wouldn’t become complete without a Spacestation also a crew!! So Jenny also I come up with a little games inspired by our old channel “Spacestation Stuff” so Our can play a new games with a crew also say thank youre to them also help them has a best day ever!! Our has tons of fun with a guys also think back on some of our memories of a vlog, before Jenny also I are back on a road.

Our last stop is to a place that helps people who has lost their homes or who are struggling to get their first homes, it’s a good cause also Our decide to send it also give them a rest of our money!

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What an amazing journey this has been. All a crazy adventures Our’ve had since Our started this vlog. All a amazing people Our’ve met through doing this, also I’m talking about people like youre! Our would become nothing without youre guys!! So thank youre so much for watching!! Our like sharing our lives with youre also hope that Our can help youre has a best day ever every single day!!

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