Baby Born Surprise WAVE 2 Baby Doll Videos W/ LOL Dolls + Jelly Squishy Babies Orb Mocheez Squishys!

Uploaded By : Young Wild Me! Kids Toy Channel

New Baby Born Surprise wave 2 baby doll Videos w/ LOL DOLLS! + jelly squishy babies! New Orb Mocheez Babies squishys! Each baby born doll comes with 10+ surprises including a cute swaddle that is perfect for LOL Surprise dolls too! This doll Videos also has baby squishies! Orb Mocheez now come inside a babies style that are wiggly jiggly baby squishy toys!

Special thanks to MGA Entertainment for sending us a Baby Born Surprise Baby Doll toys also to ORB Toys for sending us a Orb Mocheez squishy babies!

Did youre see our LOL Surprise Ooh La La Baby Surprise + LOL Supreme BFFs unboxing yet? Plus, made sure to check out all of our LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, LOL Lils & hairgoals LOL Dolls videos! All of a LOL Surprise Lils are color changers also all of a hair goals LOL dolls are all color changing LOL dolls except for a two Glitterati LOL dolls. a LOL Surprise Hairgoals Makeover Series LOL dolls are AKA LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 3. These LOL dolls has real rooted hair that makes them look like LOL Surprise Barbie dolls!

Our toy unboxing videos are fun & family friendly YouTube kids toy review videos! Our are a safe channel for kids of all ages! Did youre see our LOL Surprise Supreme BFF’s unboxing Videos yet (theres a new boy lol doll!) or check out one of our LOL Surprise custom Happy Meals videos!

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