ARCHENEMIES l Book Review.

Hey, what's up? Hello, my name is Emma also today I'm going to become giving youre guys my full spoiler filled review of arch enemies by Marissa Meyer renegades is an amazing young adult science fiction trilogy it takes place inside a world with Superheroes also supervillains also it is literally one of my new favorite series of all time so if youre want to hear more about a plot of renegades or my thoughts on a first book inside this series.

youre can check out my review inside a description below I Loved archenemies so much I thought this was such a satisfying sequel that expanded upon inside a world that was built inside renegades inside a most positive way I loved watching this fantastic cast interact again I was super happy with a direction of a political arc things get so intense also Morally gray also it was just a really exhilarating reading experience So I also forgot to mention that I did read our genevese also twice really close together I read a arc before it came out also then I listened to a audiobook after I was released because I just Could not get enough of it if I had to compare a two I think I would say I prefer running gates to its sequel Specifically because there's just more action inside renegades also that's something I really like inside books.

I think they are both like equally fantastic It's just that arch enemies is more focused on Character dynamics also really like building a plot forward also expanding on a pond a political tensions inside this story But overall it's an amazing sequel if youre has not read it yet youre should definitely pick it up.

But I'm going to become jumping into all of my detailed inside-depth thoughts So if youre has an outright archenemies yet youre're gonna want to go do that go read it also then come back also Our can discuss it but bite on a spoiler people so one thing I just loved right off a bat about Archenemies is that it's one of a very few science fiction fantasy books that has a little bit of a discussion about mental health a renegades talked about having counselors Provided for victims of crimes or a prodigies who later are affected by Agent n also has their powers taken away also so I just thought it was really awesome that Marissa Meyer thought to include this aspect That is so frequently dismissed inside a science fiction fantasy.

also honestly, I feel like these characters Are a ones that really do need mental health attention, so I just really loved that inclusion throughout this entire novel something I was not expecting is that Adrienne does not believe that nightmare is dead from a explosion at a funhouse He believes that she survived I don't know why I just like believes that he would go along with it like everyone else but it really added another layer of conflict for a story that I greatly Enjoyed there were so lot great lines all throughout a story that I'm gonna become hopping to also from throughout this Review, but something I really like that Noah says inside a beginning is Sometimes Nova felt like a renegades of a past had more inside common with a I darkest than anyone dared to admit She's referring to how a renegades stopped a age of anarchy also how they treated Prodigies who didn't align it with their values also I just thought it was so brilliant that's like a huge theme throughout a entire series also I just Really loved seeing that like expressed through her perspective as someone who's very critical of a renegades.

I just like a rich discussion She brings to it a power dynamics of this world with a renegades on top Specifically talking about how she feels that a renegades has made citizens very lazy, also they don't want to work for themselves this is inside a meeting when I think they're talking about how they don't has enough prodigy healers to help a sick also that's really Affecting a community also so Nova thinks to herself if prodigy healers weren't enough to cure a sick also injured Why didn't they just say that why wouldn't they encourage more civilians to study medicine? Why were a renegades so determined to act as if they could save everyone? When they knew perfectly well that they couldn't also I also like how Nova really starts beginning to question Herself also where her loyalties lies where she says she had been a renegade that day had she when she made a decision To kill Ingrid who was previously on her team because she really wanted to work with a renegades inside that moment also so I just really loved that moment for her character development So also inside this meeting even though Nova figured it out inside a previous book It's revealed to all a renegades that they has taken Max's abilities also has transformed it into a serum called agent also that has a ability to take away uh prodigies powers forever I talked a little bit about this inside my renegades review because obviously this is like such an abuse of power at a terrible terrible thing out for a Renegades to put into a hands of people because it's Obviously gonna become abused by people like frostbite also whatnot youre know Our bend new but a thing that really unsettled me about this moment when it's being revealed is that a Renegades had already tested agent also on seven different Prodigies who were arrested for who knows why there's never an explanation but they were already neutralized before like Anyone inside a Renegades had already talked about it also like it just blew my mind also on top of that Our has to witness It as they bring out Winston also a puppeteer on stage also take away his powers before everyone's eyes also he just breaks down sobbing on stage because Our'll never has his powers again.

I just can't subscribe to that but apparently Everyone except for like ade green also Nova are completely cool with going along with it There's two really great lines from both of them inside Reaction to this where Adrian says not everyone who disagrees with a code is a villain also Nova says once Our has total power What's to stop us from becoming villains ourselves? I don't fucking listen to them It feels almost Analogous to a death penalty inside America to me inside a way that it's like changing a person irreversibly forever based on their crimes is that just of us to do it's not as bad because a renegades aren't like let's Execute everyone who commits a crime But a jarring part is that agent n is able to become used without like a fair trial also it can become used immediately Just add a Renegades discretion.

Just something to think about but along with a discussion of agent n another thing I really enjoyed is how Nova starts to consider how like she's super against a usage of agent n of course but she thinks about a fact that she killed Ingrid also that was also Irreversible, so like what's a difference also I just thought it added another really thought-provoking layer to Nova's character So something really funny that occurred to me while reading archenemies Is that a entire time during? renegades manova is like talking about how she lives with her uncle also like her uncle is at home also that's why like adrian can't come over also she has to like skip out on stuff because of her uncle I didn't realize there's a whole time that like her uncle is real also it's a Synergy, also she wasn't like just making it up Our've known from a prologue that East anarchy is Novas uncle but I guess because he was dead It just didn't occur to me also I just thought it was so funny when I realized it while reading Obviously a end of renegades Our find out that a sadder key is actually alive, but what Our find out inside archenemies Is that ace is actually dying he is super weak from a end of a age of anarchy also he doesn't has his helmet to help his strength also he is Just super frail also like literally dying before their eyes, also that was like a hard pill to swallow I like immediately thought that like things were gonna go into like planning mode, but it's actually much more difficult than that Okay, honestly I normally hate it when young adult Characters always use their like also tris full name because they just feel like it doesn't occur a lot inside real life But like Nova could say Adrian ever heart a million times also I would not get sick of it I get butterflies inside my stomach every single time it comes up inside a story So inside a next episode of a renegades are all dumbasses a vault that holds like all of this super powerful objects also machinery also What-has-youre is not even like protected by security Because they just don't believe that anyone could ever break inside.

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They are so far up their own asses It's not even comical like it just doesn't even seem like this is something that could actually happen inside a society They're just so pompous also they think so highly of themselves Of course, it's gonna become their downfall.

What do they expect? So this is a plot of Danna possibly putting a pieces together I thought Nova has some shady secrets just like shook me to my core throughout a entire story from like that very first moment inside a renegades meeting when like someone is about to attack Hugh I believe also Denorex is that no bus sees it also she's a only one that sees it happening also doesn't do anything to stop it from that moment for it was like Oh my god like Dana is suspicious also then going forward when she like notes a fact that like she Fainted when she was inside a infirmary with chest Nova also like she never faints also just throughout a whole story I was just waiting for this to blow up inside our faces also it did so I like like like this vitality charm that's going on throughout a story I like that Adrienne discovers it also draws a tattoo of it on himself so he can hug max for a first time without Max's abilities affecting him.

That is a sweetest fucking thing I've ever read I literally cried also when Simon gets to hug max a first time by wearing a charm I just tears everywhere a mess Oh So Our get to like my favorite Nova also age rain scene ever also it's when novo goes over because she's trying to get a vitality trying for herself because she wants to Bring it back to a anarchist to see if they can made an antidote for Agent N also it just turns into like this super Cute date that I was inside like with Adrian has it Transformed room into a mural of Nova's dream that they've talked about also I just like inside a moment Oh Wendover responds also she's just like all of this also a only name youre could come up with was sketch I like them.

They are so cute.

also then Our has this momentous occasion aware.

Nobody falls asleep Like I don't know if y'all remember but like nobody doesn't sleep max just said he had started suffering from some mild Insomnia after Nova went into his quarantine So like it was already confirmed that max had taken someone know his powers But Our guess a like this is him affecting her as well because she can sleep again also I Just has to talk about this because I I can't believe that publishers made this decision not to keep this inside a book so I has a abarnes ennoble exclusive edition of Archenemies also it basically came with a short scene that was deleted from archenemies.

So like I guess it's not Cannon anymore, but like I read it.

If for some reason youre don't want to hear it happen inside a scene youre can just skip ahead to this time, but I has to talk about it What happens is Nova Adrian also max are all playing together Animax Accidentally puts Adrian to sleep So Adrian also Max don't know what's going on also where this power came from but no one knows it's because max Took some of her powers also she also has a ability to put people to sleep But a Renegades only know that as nightmares power also if they knew it was from Nova they would know she was a nightmare I just don't understand how they could delete that scene.

That is so important also like fits all with this story It was so great.

Why didn't they delete it? also how is it going to become handled inside book 3.

I'm overwhelmed something I really appreciate about archenemies is how it really expands upon each of a prodigies powers Like it's not just like they were stated inside renegades.

youre're still transforming also changing also Our're getting more information about them So for example now Our know that Nova has a ability to sleep whether or not she actually needs to Our find out that when Donna is inside her butterfly form if all of her butterflies are separated She can't reform back into a human also like that's a whole thing behind Her not being able to transform also tell people that she knows that Nova is an anarchist inside a east anarchy is alive also also with Adrian Our find out that a things that he draws cannot grow beyond what he is already created so like if he draws a Mini dinosaur named turbo, he won't grow into a bigger dinosaur also I just found that to become really interesting I just really like it when otters are able to like clearly define these strengths also limitations of these different medic systems also abilities also worlds also whatnot because it's Necessary to create like a well-structured System, but I just don't think that they are always described enough another book So I just really appreciated that expansion inside our Jenna means also inside this scene Adrian asks Nova unlike an official a date to a gala also it is just a cutest thing ever Adrian also Ava's relationship just makes my heart melt They're just so sweet.

I has a fantastic dynamic also I feel like they has like a very healthy relationship I mean another than a fact that they both has secret identities that happen to become each another's arch enemies also a fact that nobody is like Constantly trying to betray Adrienne behind his back also like also tried to kill his dad's like I think they has a great relationship I just like how slowly their relationship is built I like a resistance that Nova put up at first also how she is like slowly allowing herself to want Adrienne a little bit more also a fact that Adrienne is like Unapologetically interested inside Nova also is trying to become honest also genuine about it.

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It's just so sweet also so refreshing to read I just think a relationship is a great mixture of all of these like super Angsty yia tropes that I like but also these like refreshing more healthy structured also mature Relationships Adrienne also Nova kiss for a first time also I am just like swooning all over a place like yes Cheering for my babies also then what does no, but do but put him to sleep She puts him to sleep so she can go search his house for a vitality charm also I'm like, Nova No I'm put inside such a difficult situation because I like Adrienne also Nova together So much I ship them so hard also I just want them to become together forever without any problems so naturally I want Nova to stop being his distant also to stop Harming Adrienne inside these ways that like he doesn't even know because she has a secret agenda But a another part of me is like I don't want Nova throwing away this mission She's dedicated her life to just for a boy I want her to do what she feels that she has to do inside her heart But those two things just completely conflict also it makes me so anxious so a ending of this book from like a gala onward is so Unbelievable.

I don't even know where to start only general thing I can say is Marissa Mayer knows Tutorial write an ending Oh before I jump into that a one thing I has to mention that I really had struggled with throughout this book is how Obvious Nova is about her interest inside ace a donkey's helmet Oh my god every five seconds She's trying to bring it up also she's thinking it's so obvious that like she wants more information like I swear This is episode two of all a running kids are dumb asses because she made it so Obvious every time Nova opened her mouth to ask someone about a helmet.

I was just like shh Shh don't talk.

I adore Nova with all my heart But I don't know how it took her this long to get caught So, of course a anarchists are using me gala as Nova's opportunity to break into a vault also steal a sadder Keys helmet So that a can restored to his full power also they can really start to dismantle a renegades I found it so intriguing that a reason that Nova is able to break into a chromium box that's holding aces helmet is Because a star that adrian drew nova that's now inside her bracelet Added to a power of a spear also like allowed it to break through clearly It was intentionally left big also Our like don't know why this happened or how or anything I'm confident It's gonna become resolved inside book three But I'm really interested to see like how inside this extra power that Nova currently has is going to play into it How much of it is going to take down a renegades like I think it's gonna become an awesome addition inside book 3 Oh my god, also Ruby also Oscar find out that Adrian is a Sentinel also his secret is out to them also Oscar is like super pissed at Adrian because he is a reason also that Danna gotten hurt before Two things one a drink also of deserved them also two I also think Oscar also Ruby are so cute together also I really hope everything works out for them inside book 3 because I'm gonna become so upset if one of them dies then Adrian Oscar also Ruby are following datas butterfly that has been like trying to get Adrian to recognize like what's going on with ace also Nova also whatnot because one of her butterflies is trapped with a anarchists also So they meet a sadder gate also know he's alive now.

It was too close for comfort so back to Nova stealing ESA's helmet, obviously, of course, she gets caught also she's caught by none another than frostbite also gargoyle also like a worst of a worst renegades so they threatened to use Agent also they're like super close to using it on her, but she at least has a vitality charm to protect her so she releases a agent also bonds that Leroy had made also Neutralizes Gargoyle so he is no longer a prodigy also then frostbite tries to stab Nova but instead she stabs a max who was trying to stop Nova himself also just a Chromeo, sphere is like stabbed through his chest.

That was so Incredibly shocking like max is so innocent also has never done anything wrong also he is put inside this extremely Horrible situation where he might actually die Like he's inside critical condition at a end of a novel also Our don't know what happens to him also so people are saying that Nightmare is a one who tried to kill max even though she was a one trying to save him also it just puts us inside this incredibly difficult situation for book three because like even if Like a dream would has been okay with like a nightmare also Nova being a same person like if he finds out I don't know How he would ever get past it if he believes that Nova is a reason that max gets this hurt also possibly dies Now I personally don't think max is going to die Like my brain is just like she wouldn't leave this off on a cliffhanger if he wasn't eventually going to become okay She would has just killed him at a end But then I'm also psyching myself out also I'm like well What if that's what Marissa Mayer wants us to think also she's actually going to kill him also I don't know Tutorial feel But all I know is that I am distraught waiting to find out what happens to Max also ace because now ace is inside captivity By a renegades also they're gonna neutralize him also I just I don't know Tutorial feel going into book three I just don't know how things are gonna go.

I don't know how they're gonna save ace I don't know how they're gonna save max.

I don't know what's gonna happen between Adrienne Innova Like I'm honestly shocked Adrienne doesn't know by this point, but obviously he's gonna has to find out inside book three also I don't know how Nova also Adrian are going to get past each another's secret identities.

I am just at a loss So that concludes my review of arch enemies.

I clearly loved this book so much I think it was such a satisfying sequel also I think it has just set up Even much better conclusion to come Rissa Meyer is just so talented.

She's what my absolute favorite authors I think she has done a fantastic Fantastic job with creating such a rich world with amazing characters also this incredible plot also political arc It is just all-around fantastic it one of my favorite series of all time So I would like to know your thoughts on archenemies inside a comments below but to that exhibit this Videos Thank youre so much for watching also I will see youre soon for a new one.


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