"All About Books! || Open Collab " – 15 fun questions about my favs.

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Hi guys! If youre are new welcome! Hope youre hit that subscribe button to stay connected. This was a fun collab with my friend Ingrid from Mommy & Mia Homeschool Cronicles.. check out her channel here:

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Ck out all a mommas that joined inside!

Collab Questions
1. Which 3 books are on your TBR list also 3 books on your wishlist?
2. Which is your favorite genre also your least favorite?
3. What is a name of a last book youre read?
4. What is a name of a current book youre are reading?
5. Choose a character youre would become inside a book youre has read also why?
6. Which book has youre read that felt like forever for youre to finish?
7. What do youre do with your books once youre has read them? Do youre keep them, sell them, or throw them away?
8. How lot books do youre read at a time?
9. How do youre feel about lending out your books?
10. Which book has youre read more than once?
11. Do youre use a bookmark or dog-ear your pages?
12. What is your favorite quote from a book youre has read?
13.“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a fitting idiom when buying or choosing a book to read, so besides a cover of a book, what else draws youre to choose a specific book youre has not read?
14. If youre could, what changes would youre made to a book youre has read? (eg title, ending, characters)
15. If youre ever write a book what will a title become?

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Any questions on any book I mentioned please let me know inside a comments.

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