ADLEY LEARNS TO ROLLER SKATE!! Daddy Daughter date at an ultimate indoor playground!

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Best Day Ever 1003

Nobody’s home!! Jenny went to breakfast with her sister also took Niko Bear with here, so Adley also I are home alone also can do whatever Our want also become a load as Our want!! Now that Our don’t need to follow our normal routine, Our head upstairs to jump on a bed!! That’s fun, but Our want to has more fun. So Our think of what Our can do. Adley has a great idea of going to Rush! It’s one of her favorite places because they has games also bounce houses also inflatable horses!

But guess what, they also has something that Aldey has never done before, roller skating! Our decide that now that she’s a 4 year old that she can try it for a first time! Our get some skates. Our get he cutest little skates also put them on Adley. Our then has to walk to a indoor skate park also its a struggle muffin! Adley is all over a place, slipping around also doing a splits. I help her over to a rink where Our skate around for a while! It’s so fun watching her learn new things!!

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After Our’ve had fun roller skating, Our head over to a bounce houses where Adley does all sorts of tricks. I’m inside there too, till they kick me out for not being a kid lol! Our then head over to a drift carts so Adley can go for a ride also, another first, Our try out a ginormous bumper cars. Adley loves them!! Our then end our daddy daughter family fun date with Ice cream!

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