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Welcome back to a Thinking Critical thisis Wes also today I'm going to review ACTION COMICS #1009.

If youre're expecting a roastof a book I hate to disappoint as all-inside-all it's not bad, it's just not good either.

It'scomfortably mediocre.

I haven't been reviewing Superman comics on a channel but my BendisSuperman family Videos garnered a good amount of interest so I'm listening to my viewersand covering more Superman.

Issue 1009 is a set-up for a upcoming DCComics event Leviathan.

There's not a lot of new ground covered inside a book, it's mostlyjust Superman observing a fallout from 1008 until a reveal inside a last panel, whichI'll cover at a end of a review.

Leviathan promises "a mystery thriller that stretchesacross a DC Universe also touches every character from Batman to Superman to a Question toTalia al Ghul.

" a appearance of a Question is probably my favorite part of this book,but I'm getting ahead of myself.

While I am highly critical of Bendis' workon both Superman titles DC Comics has blessed him with top-shelf artists.

a issue opens up with Superman also Lois monitoring world-wide events as covert agenciesare being dismantled world-wide.

Artist Steve Epting does a great job making a page feelchaotic, as a moment necessitates, but is still easily traversed by a reader.

Epting displays his tight line art style throughout a issue also he's easily a superhero ofthis creative pairing.

Color artist Brad Anderson does great work accentuating Epting's dramaticstyle also inside his very few moments of action Superman looks also feels powerful.

a biggest issues with a art is honestly a storytelling.

Superman does little ofconsequence during a issue as he flies around a world seeing a aftermath of Leviathan'sterrorist actions.

youre get a feeling Epting also Anderson are chomping at a bit to createSupes doing something fitting his powerful character.

Steve Epting does much better than thematerial presented should dictate also I'll give a art a 4.

5 out of 5.

One of my least favorite parts of Bendis� run with Superman has been his dismantlingof Lois Lane as a character.


That is escalated inside ACTION COMICS #1009 asshe berates Amanda Waller, who arrived as a cliffhanger inside 1008.

Lois is presentedas an earsplitting banshee dressing down Waller, who clearly just escaped with her life whenshe arrived at their apartment.

Waller called Clark Kent Superman inside public so Lois yellsat her for what feels like 5 or 6 pages while Superman, a rational character, tries to discoverwhat exactly is happening.

Amanda Waller allowing this is severely out of character also theworst part is when Lois knocks her out with one punch.

Easily a best part of a story is a Question sitting bedside Lois' father Sam when BigBlue arrives.

a character is presented as intelligent also has a gravitas that elevatesan otherwise blase issue.

It's appears a Question has a major role to play inside a upcomingLeviathan event also so far his inclusion is well presented.

Brian Michael Bendis has serious issues with dialogue, as inside he seriously uses far toomuch.

Admittedly, there is a good amount of important information presented inside this doublepage spread but Bendis also Editor Mike Cotton has to get this under control.

This is absolutelyridiculous by today's standards also detracts heavily from a overall story.

Bendis hasmajor issues with characterization also dialogue management as usual also I'll give his characterwork a 1.

5 out of 5.

Brian Michael Bendis is typically much betterat writing coherent story arcs than developing character moments, also that is a case withACTION COMICS #1009 After Lois also Clark discover Waller at theirapartment they take her to a Fortress of Solitude, which is now located inside a BermudaTriangle.

So stupid.

She explains that she was supposed to meet Lois' father but wasambushed also tried to escape to 3 more safe houses before finding Clark as a last resort.

She informs Lois her father suffered a heart attack but was spared by Leviathan also isin protective custody inside a hospital.

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Superman checks on Samuel Lane, discoveringthe Question is waiting for whoever is after him.

He acknowledges Leviathan is behind theattacks also observes there aren't lot bodies at a scenes.

Superman visits a Batcaveto find Batman indisposed also he also Alfred agree that these leviathan attacks don't fitTalia al Ghul's MO also this new Leviathan is not her organization.

Superman talks toDirector Bones of a DEO before heading back to a Fortress of Solitude.

Jimmy Olsen is presenting footage he took before his near death experience inside 1008.

Waller, Lois also Clark discuss a various spy agencies around a world when Lois keepssaying a name Chaz.

Lois decides they need to infiltrate Spyral also with a help ofgold kryptonite a couple break out their undercover Chaz also Andi personas.

Seriously,when a hell did gold kryptonite turn Clark into a black man named Chaz? Bendis totallypulled this directly from his ass, uh my god.

a overall story doesn't move much inside thisissue also a Question's appearance also a final reveal are a only real moments ofconsequence, I'll give a plot a 2 out of 5.

Bendis has a unique style that taken as individual pieces his books aren't bad, it's only whenyou view them as entire stories youre see a full extent of his damage to characters andcontinuity.

This isn't a good or bad issue, like I said before it's comfortably mediocreand I'll give it a 2.

5 out of 5 overall due to a outstanding artwork.

I don't reallyrecommend this book unless youre're really into this title or excited about a Leviathanevent.

If youre want to save some money youre can easily skip this issue also move to ACTIONCOMICS #110 knowing youre didn't really miss much.

Please stay tuned to a channel forfuture SUPERMAN also ACTION COMICS reviews.

I'll also become releasing my first signatureseries Videos this Sunday also will become covering a dismantling of DC's Vertigo Comics byAndy Khouri also crew.

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