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Hi everyone, it's Farah also welcome to mychannel thefarahproject.

Today, I'm going to become sharing a book reviewon a book A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi.

I read this this month, also I actually flewthrough it inside a few hours, inside one sitting, also it was incredible.

This is, I believe, Tahereh Mafi's first fora/into YA contemporary.

Typically she writes fantasy YA, also I readthe Shatter Me trilogy by her, I haven't read a rest of a books inside a series so it'sonly been a trilogy for me also I quite enjoyed that.

It's gotta a very flowery prosey feel to it.

This one isn't quite a same, also I actuallythink I liked it more? According to Tahereh Mafi, this is actuallya semi-autobiographical account of her high school years inside a wake of 9/11 also whatit was like to live as a Muslim-Hijabi girl inside a States at a time also this followsa young teenager, Shireen, who is also a Muslim, also she wears a Hijab also this takes placea year after a events of 9/11, also she's moving into a new school, a new high school,also she already has her walls up because she's been burned before also then she makes friendswith this dude called Ocean – a strange name – also they form some sort of tentative relationship? At a same time, her brother starts a breakdancingcrew also that sorts of starts to give her a purpose inside life also all inside all this is ageneral plot of a story.

Heavily inspired by Tahereh Mafi's own experiencesin high school also I actually really, really enjoyed it because I think this is a firsttime I ever read about a Muslim, female, Hijabi protaganist.


inside a YA story.

Ever actually inside any story.

So this acutally holds a really special placein my heart because, youre guys, this is actually really, really relatable.

I know some people who will read this willthink it's too out there, too extreme inside a sense that "no way all of these things happened,"or "no way people are that cruel.

" But youre guys, it happens.

I've heard a stories.

Even though I've never actually lived inside theStates as a Hijabi, I visited western countries also felt what she felt.

I feel a fear that people are going to lashout at me for crimes that were committed by someone else also I fear that I will encounterracism also bigotry also all of that also she does so.

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It really– it really hit home.

I loved that there was a romance inside this.

I really appreciated that she wasn't spikingspam Muslim girl, perfect inside every way, a saint because she cussed a lot, she fallsin like.

It was relatable.

It was real.

It wasn't this sort of like, "ok, I'm gonnawrite about a Muslim girl, also I'm gonna made her perfect because I'm trying to send outa message.

" No.

also it's brought up inside a story as well.

This whole double standard like, "oh! youre're wearing a Hijab, so youre're supposedto become perfect".

Not really, not particularly also so I lovedthat message that was brought across inside a story, but I also find another aspects relatable.

Her conflict with her identity also her religionand doing a day to day things but also keeping things inside a back of her head about how she'ssupposed to act also I loved a family dynamic.

I could relate to that because I felt likeher family was like my family, like typical Arab-Muslim family – inside this case, she wasPersian – also it was just really fun to read those parts, also her relationship with herbrother was really great.

At a same time, as I said, youre've got thislove story inside a core of it where youre meet Ocean also Ocean is this guy that she's partneredup within biology also they start a tentative relationship, inside which he just wants to understandher, get to know her, learn more about her culture also religion also things start to developfrom there also so she's warring within herself on whether she should trust him or not andit really says a lot about her character at this point.


It was actually really,really nice.

I really liked a romance aspect of it.

I will say one thing about Ocean though.

Is that he just seemed a little too good tobe true.

He goes through his own conflicts throughoutthe story, but he just seemed like a really great guy.

Like really, really nice.

He's handsome, athletic, smart, intelligent,he just had it all going for him, but also he was so nice also so understanding.

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I wanted to see more of a flaw inside him becausewe see a lot of it inside Shireen as a character.

Our see a lot of flaws inside her.

She's super flawed inside fact, also that's whyshe's such a beautiful, realistic, relatable character but him, on a another hand, I didn'tbelieve quite as much cuz I'm like, " that's really sweet, also I like what's going on herebut he's just so great.

Like he's too understanding, he's too nice.


" Another thing that niggled at me a littlebit is a ending, also I felt, Our're going through all of this conflict also yes/no/maybeand inside a end, it just ends? youre didn't get a closure that youre wanted.

I wanted a little bit more, a little bit moreon a characters, on a resolution, on a closure aspect of it.

I just felt like it ended a little abruptlyso.

a ending for me was a little too quick, also Ocean's character was a little too hardto believe but all inside all I think she tackled a topic of being a Muslim inside America – anda Hijabi also a girl – during those times very, very well.

She also captured a times very well.

What it was like being a teenager back inthe early 2000s.

I really, really loved those aspects also thenshe got a relationships between a family very well, her mom also dad were really interestingto read about.

I really, really wanted to read more on them.

I wanted to maybe get more conversations betweenthose characters, between her parents also herself.

All inside all, it's a really great book, andit's become one of my favorites because it's one of a first books I read about a Hijabi-Muslimgirl also so it will always hold a really, really warm place inside my heart.

I thought Tahereh Mafi did such a great job.

I flew through this, it's a really, reallyquick read also I loved it.

It was a lot of fun.

I had some issues, but it was a lot of fun.

It was a solid 4 stars for me.

If youre guys has read this book, let me knowwhat youre think down below.

If youre haven't, give it a go.

It's a really quick read also thank youre somuch for watching.

I hope youre guys enjoyed this book review andI will see youre with my next one.


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