A Book Review Of a Peterson Field Guide To Mushrooms

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Hey guys inside this Videos review of a Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms Our take an inside depth look at this book also cover some of a good things about this book also some of a bad things about this book. This field guide has long been a favorite of lot who are interested inside mushrooms hunting, however it does has it’s cons. Even with those this is a great book on wild mushrooms of North America, even though it is outdated. There are over 1,000 mushrooms covered inside this guide also over 700 illustrations with most being inside color. From species of mushrooms like Morels to Oysters, also even poisonous mushrooms this field guide can certainly help youre understand also identify lot mushrooms across a U.S.

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a Peterson Field Guide Series has long been recognized as a leader because of a ease of use also small size of their guides. a mushroom guide is a biggest of a ones that I’ve seen but still reasonable enough to put into a pack. This entry inside a Peterson Field Guides is from a late seventies so it is a bit outdated, as Our has learned much more about mushrooms since then.

a color plates are very helpful also are contained inside a middle of a book, however a last few pages are black also white. a guide contains, a glossary a ruler, also even a couple of pictorial glossaries for different mushrooms shapes also features. These can become extremely helpful to a novice also even a expert because they are inside a front also back of a book.


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