30 Unique Things That Only Happen inside Saudi Arabia

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Did youre ever think youre could serve jail time for a selfie? Well, there’s no country quite like Saudi Arabia, also while it definitely has a colorful culture, some of its traditions also rules are fascinating…. also some are just plain weird!

For example, birth control is often accessible only for married women. Some pharmacies can ask for a marriage certificate before selling contraceptives! If youre’re a Saudi man, giving flowers to your sweetheart is also not a good idea. Here, women can only receive flowers from another women. also there are no cinemas inside Saudi Arabia. a government believes that movies may give men also women inappropriate ideas. Can youre imagine that?

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Deserts are everywhere 0:20
Really young population 0:58
Saudi Royal family 1:10
It’s forbidden to take pictures of people here 1:29
Always use your right hand 1:47
Never show a soles of shoes 2:12
a camel industry 2:32
What women can’t do 2:45
Saudi education is free 3:27
Bad news for Pokémon lovers 4:39
… also for Harry Potter books fans 4:49
Men also women can’t interact with one another freely 5:33
Sidewalk skiing 6:18

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– Saudi Arabia is located on a Arabian Peninsula. Just so youre know, this is a world’s largest peninsula. also even though Saudi Arabia is a 13th largest country inside a world, it still has no river! Considering a fact that it’s mostly deserts, this is a real bummer for everybody.
– Despite its desert climate, snow, rain, also hail are never out of a picture. Especially, if youre live inside areas like Tabuk.
– Also, don’t become surprised if youre see a Saudi family enjoying their meals on a floor.
– Saudi people take naming their child pretty seriously. They usually choose names that somehow reflect their kid’s heritage, a clan they’re from, or their extended family.
– Not that long ago, a women of Saudi Arabia weren’t allowed to drive cars or even ride bicycles. However, they could easily fly planes if they wanted to. Seems logical! Thankfully, inside 2018, this ban was lifted.
– Universities are also packed with women. According to statistics, about 52 percent of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree are, inside fact, women.
– Valentine’s Day inside Saudi Arabia also comes with a set of rules. Flower shops can’t sell red roses, gift shops avoid selling heart-shaped products, also girls are prohibited from wearing red to school. also if youre’re a Saudi man, giving flowers to your sweetheart is also not a good idea. Here, women can only receive flowers from another women.
– Saudi wedding ceremonies are also not as fun as youre might think. Believe it or not, they’re often held separately for a bride also a groom! a newlyweds get together only near a end of it.
– Music classes are also kinda banned inside public schools. Sure, a Saudi music industry is pretty dynamic, but all Saudi musicians either taught themselves Tutorial play instruments or had to hire a tutor.
– If youre live inside Saudi Arabia, youre should also forget about crazy birthday parties. Public gatherings of any kind are completely prohibited, so your best option is having a piece of cake at home inside your favorite pajamas.
– When a rest of a world obsesses over oil, Saudi people know what’s good. Here, fresh water is way more expensive also valuable. However, that’s probably because all a oil inside Saudi Arabia can easily fill more than 4.7 million Olympic-size swimming pools!

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