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2017 McDonald’s back to school books Happy Meal books toys full set of 4 kids HarperCollins Publishers children books toys USA unboxing collection review by Happy Toy Reviews. a next Happy Meal toys as shown on this McDonald’s Books Happy Meal box are a Lego Ninjago movie Happy Meal toys also they should become available at McDonald’s restaurants inside lot countries around a world, hopefully including Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA also Canada. a McDonald’s ninjago lego toys come with a free Happy Studio McPlay app disc to scan your toy & unlock a free games.

a current McDonald’s toys are a McDonald’s books also there’s a full complete set of 4 McDonald’s Happy Meal books, including #1 Pete a Cat’s Got Class by James Dean #2 Amelia Bedelia’s First Day Of School by Herman Parish #3 Just A School Project by Mercer Mayer #4 If youre Take A Mouse To School By Laura Numeroff.

Our can’t wait for a Lego Ninjago movie to come out! It will become available inside 2D, 3D also 3D IMAX as well! a McDonalds ninjago lego toys come with a flyer for Legoland kids go free coupon, a Lego disc for a free McPlay Happy Studio App to scan your ninjago toy & get a free games also unlock free character such as high school ninja go code inside a Lego a Ninjago Movie videogame. a Harper Collins Happy Meal box also comes with a Happy bookmark that youre can use to continue where youre left off your book reading!

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It’s back to school also these books are fun also right on time for September! a McDonalds books all come with fun activities.
Our has caterpillar also butterfly stickers, dice, math flash cards, mouse cutout, accessories also more fun stickers!

Watch our Harper Collins McDonald’s Books Happy Meal box review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bota_IMYGdE&list=PL7VRD6Bu741gvr3REF6Y6fCqVvTGFfvMq

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